Schae Richards, managing editor

Steven and Maria Hatch love to serve together with their six children. You might see them helping a family pull their car out of the snow or delivering cookies to a neighbor. You would also find them serving each other inside their own home. This foundation of love and service is what inspired Steven to create his own legacy.

His values combined with his desire to serve stirred the idea to start the LIVE Higher movement that focuses on teaching important life principles that can help people find their purpose in life. When referring to the “core” of the movement, Steven quoted writer, Mark Twain, who once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” He said LIVE Higher is a way for people to find that purpose, and ultimately, to find their happiness.

In his previous career, Steven traveled to more than 20 countries where he was able to train and be trained by some of the greatest minds. The principles he learned and the stories that came from others created a strong desire to share them with his family, friends and neighbors. When Steven transitioned into real estate, he took that desire once step further, and started sending out regular newsletters to his clients and friends. “As much as I love real estate, I am even more passionate about life,” he said. “I wanted to wanted to help people see the higher potential and experience more.” Steven also started a blog, LIVE Higher, around the same time as another way for him to share these principles with others.

Last year, Steven took some of that same content from his blog and started using social media as a way to reach more people. He selects a single principle to share and produces a three to four-minute video to teach people how use that principle in their lives. He has produced videos on Born to Succeed, Sow a Thought, The Importance of Journaling and several others. “We hope these videos will strike a chord with people — that they will feel inspired to the point they change their lives for better.”

People have responded positively to these first few videos. Steven has interviewed with a local news station on the LIVE Higher movement, and other people from and outside of the community have reached out for personal coaching. “A man living in Iowa reached out to me after watching the videos, and asked me to help him with his life goals and aspirations,” he said. “This wasn’t the intent of starting the movement, but people throughout the community have trusted me to help them with their goals and to find their purpose in life.”

Steven said one of ways for people to find happiness is to get lost in the service of others. “When we center our lives around our needs and wants, we focus too much on ourselves and not enough on others,” he said. “True joy and purpose in life can be found when we start serving others. This is a key step to finding our purpose.”

This same principle is taught in the Hatch home. Steven and Maria agree that service has made a huge impact on their children as they go to school, do their chores and look for their own purpose in life. For example, their daughter, Rachel, gave her dad a list of 65 acts of kindness that she had done as a Christmas gift this last year. Each of their children share this same desire to serve.

Maria said these acts of service are what help us find true meaning in life. “It’s the small things that make a difference, especially within our families,” she said. “You need that foundation of love before you can serve others.”

No matter what stage you are in their life, it’s never too late discover your purpose. Whether you’re just married, recently graduated or near retirement, LIVE Higher can help you find that happiness you are looking for.