Children playing a game with a colourful ParachutePhil Campbell, director of public relations, Bonneville Joint School District 93

Bonneville School District is one of the fastest growing school districts in Idaho. The district added 600 new students last year, which is the equivalent of a new elementary school.

The school board and school administrators are working with community members to make sure the district can meet the growing demands for space. Our current project, located just east of 45th (Crowley Road), is moving forward with only a few minor setbacks caused by severe winter conditions.

Steel erectors are placing the roof trusses on the auditorium/classroom wing of the building this week. Underground plumbing and electrical for that part of the building is in and all the concrete flooring is in place. Framers are working on interior walls, and the heating contractors will soon be on-site to start their work. Masons are placing block in the gym and locker room areas, and plumbers and electricians continue to install underground systems in the other parts of the building. Now that the weather is warming up the activity level on the site will increase significantly.

A citizen committee is currently meeting with school officials to determine the best course of action moving forward to meet overcrowding at several elementary schools and the middle schools. The district has selected an architectural firm (NBW of Idaho Falls) as well as a contractor (Head Waters Construction) to advise the group on potential school design and costs.

The number one goal of the committee is to provide a recommended solution that will not result in a raise to our current levy rate. Potential solutions include additions to middle schools, a new elementary school or moving sixth graders into the middle schools.

The district recently held open forums at each end of the district to get input from patrons regarding these solutions. The board is expected to make a decision in the next couple of months.