Thomas Baker, DMD, Baker Pediatric Dentistry

Parents often spend time looking for a pediatric doctor, learning what to expect during their child’s first year, and how to potty train their child. They receive pamphlets in the mail about formula, diapers and the importance of routine health checks. But what about checking up on the health of your child’s teeth?

If you are like most parents, you just figure you will take your child to your family dentist, after all, they are dentists. But is this the best choice for your child? Did you know a pediatric dentist goes to two additional years of school? Pediatric dentists learn how to work with children and the different challenges they might have when it comes to the health of their mouth. They learn techniques to help children feel comfortable, help manage their anxiety and teach them about how to care for their teeth.

As a pediatric dentist and a father, I understand how overwhelming parenthood can be. At the end of the day we all want what’s best for our child; to make sure they grow up happy and healthy. As parents, we stress about providing a good education, making sure they go to sleep with food in their bellies and giving them a roof over their head. Deciding on a pediatric dentist shouldn’t be something you stress about.

Whether you are a new parent and have questions about what to expect when your baby is teething, or you have a child with special needs, you can be confident in knowing a pediatric dentist is specialized in providing the best care for your child.

My father, Dr. Gregg Baker, was a pediatric dentist. Watching him care for people in our community and make a difference in their lives left a lasting impression on me. I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I learned that passion is what fuels a pediatric dentist to take on the responsibility of helping your children feel comfortable, and help them begin a long and healthy relationship with their teeth. I have found my path in life each time I see a smiling face greet me in the chair, then a larger and happier smile wave goodbye when we are done.

Many people have questions about pediatric dentistry and how it differs from general dentistry. Pediatric dentistry is a specialty practice without the extra cost usually entailed with a specialist. The only extras you will notice are in the extra care provided to your child, the extra attention you receive as their parent and the comfort you and your child will feel when you visit your pediatric dentist’s office.