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Lisa Chukwurah, Marketplace Home Furnishings

Holiday decorating! While some may read these words and be filled with excitement and delight, others may be filled with uncertainty and hesitation. Whether you are a seasoned pro filled with confidence, or you are a novice and feeling unsure when it comes to holiday decorating, here are some ideas that will help you approach this holiday season.

Consider your front door and entryway. This area is the first space that will greet you and your visitors when entering your home. Think about the statement you want to make to others, or what you want to be greeted with when you walk through the door. When decorating this space, it can be something as unassuming as a holiday wreath outside the front door, some seasonal greenery in the entryway or a keepsake on an entry table. It doesn’t have to be complicated to set a welcoming holiday tone for you and those who enter your home.

Don’t decorate every room in your house. Not only can this feel overwhelming but this can be time intensive and costly as well. Before beginning, it can be helpful to identify a few spaces in your home where you want to add seasonal decorations. Common rooms such as family rooms or other gathering places such as the kitchen, are great places to start. Adding seasonal elements to the spaces where you and your loved ones spend the most time together goes a long way in setting a holiday tone.

Remember less is more. While we love an intricate display with a variety of elements brought together, the simple can be just as impactful. A picture on an easel or a seasonal bouquet, for example, can make a great statement on its own. If you are new to seasonal decorating, you can perhaps begin by selecting a few items you want to purchase this year, and then slowly add to these items to build a collection over time. Now if you are experienced with seasonal decorating you may consider recycling or donating some items while keeping those sentimental ones and adding in one or two new items to create a fresher, more dynamic look this year. Wherever you are in this process, remember that there can be beauty found in a simplistic look.

Pick decorations that bring you joy. There is no need to feel like you have to have seasonal decorations for every holiday. Maybe you don’t love Halloween; that’s just fine! There are countless autumn-themed décor items that may work for you instead. Maybe you don’t love snowmen or Santa Claus, and that’s fine too! Choose things you do love and make them work for you in your home. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or whatever your family traditions may be, you can use seasonal décor in a fun way to help you and your loved ones feel joy, and focus on the things that matter most to you during the holiday season.