Tony Lima, marketing director,  Melaleuca

Spectators will be delighted to watch the 25th Annual Melaleuca Freedom Celebration pack more than 17,500 shells into a 31-minute spectacular production. As measured by the number of shells fired into the night sky, this show is one of America’s biggest firework displays for pure pyrotechnic firepower.

This year, firing over the banks of the beautiful Snake River, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is relocated to Snake River Landing. The new site has been specially prepared and landscaped by Snake River Landing staff to safely hold highflying fireworks, provide unobstructed viewing angles and comfortably accommodate large groups of people.

Because of the new venue’s open topography, Melaleuca can provide viewers with a fireworks show that is much higher and have much more variety and special effects than its previous shows. Viewers will enjoy a “widescreen” fireworks display that spans a larger canvas of the night sky, and they will see a variety of special effects and components that only the largest firework shells create, most of which have never been seen in Idaho.

“Melaleuca created this experience to pay tribute to our country’s veterans, soldiers and their families, all of whom have sacrificed for the freedoms of this great nation,” Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot said. “This experience recognizes those who gave us a free country.”

The company hopes the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration will cause viewers to ponder what it means to be an American.

“We take our freedoms for granted when, in reality, they came at a horrible price,” Frank said. “This show is about taking 31 minutes to pay tribute to all of the courageous men and women who paid that price.”

Melaleuca encourages people to listen to the patriotic program that will be broadcast on KLCE Classy 97.3 FM in concert with the pyrotechnics. Frank said, “The meaning of this show encourages us to never forget those who created what we have and to take pride in being Americans.”