Group of kids reading booksCourtesy of North Bingham County District Library

Have you checked out your local library recently? We’re telling you, libraries have evolved in recent years. There is more than just books to check out and take home, although there are still plenty of shelves filled with books.

People can learn to code robots (and lots of different kinds of robots, too!), explore caves via virtual reality headsets, and can draw and print in 3D. These amazing resources and activities aren’t just library bound, they can be taken home for your use. For example, your library could have soldering guns and chemistry kits. They could also have a maker space where people can do many things, ranging from coding restaurant menus to designing models out of cardboard. These maker spaces are opportunities to innovate, create and use the libraries resources to troubleshoot.

Don’t forget about the technology classes either! Your library serves more than just people that love the indoors. This summer, the North Bingham County District Library will have fishing poles for check out, but that’s not all. We’re going to hold summer reading programs, maker camps, coding camps and weekly STEAM activities, too.

The library is no longer a place for only “bookworms” to chill. So, head over to your local library and see what they have for you to enjoy. It’s worth it. Don’t forget to check out your local library online too!