/one-minute-parent/planning-easter-celebration/Emily Buckley, editor-in-chief 

Easter can be a fun day to celebrate with your family, but it also takes a lot of work. Whether it’s planning your egg hunt, coloring eggs with your children, or preparing your family meal, it can be a huge undertaking for one person.

Not sure what to do this Easter, or how to find the time to plan everything? Here are some fun and simple activities you can do with your family.

  • Egg hunt: Organize your own egg hunt, or stop by one in your area if you find yourself pressed for time. Make it a fun game for the kids to see how many eggs they can collect, and have them each take a turn to see what kind of candy or prizes they got.
  • Egg coloring: Have your kids color eggs the night before, then hide them around the house while they are sleeping. In the morning, they can grab their basket and do a quick search around the house.
  • Picnic: With the warmer weather, it might be fun to visit your local park. Bring a few games to play and some snacks to munch on. You could also take a walk and feed the ducks.

When it comes time to prepare your Easter feast, use these few time-and money-saving tips that will help lighten your load.

  • Plan ahead. Many people make recipes for holiday meals that they don’t prepare any other time of year. Many of these call for staple ingredients you may, or may not, have on hand. Check your refrigerator and pantry ahead of time to ensure you have enough butter, eggs, flour, sugar, spices and seasonings to get you through your preparations.
  • Special order. Your local grocery store has bakery, deli and meat departments that can help you prepare the perfect feast for your family. You can make your meal preparation minimal by special ordering all or part of your meal.
  • Give up some of the work. Save time by picking up freshly made cheeseballs from the deli and a box of crackers for an appetizer. Another good idea is to keep a veggie or cheese tray on hand for children or guests to snack on as they await the main meal.
  • Avoid the crowd. Grocery shopping can be stressful in a crowded store. You can ease the burden by shopping in the less-busy morning hours.