from the Bonneville Sheriff’s Office

Many things come with spring and summer that give us cause to send a reminder to our community of a few safety things. Warmer weather brings clear roads that fill with travelers from out of state, kids and families on summer vacation, and the full swing of agriculture traffic. While it’s good to enjoy the nice weather and take a break from your normal way of life, it’s very easy to forget the importance of paying attention to your driving.

A major cause and factor in vehicle crashes is distracted driving. Too often we see crashes where a simple moment of caution and patience could’ve prevented tragedy. Law enforcement agencies everywhere are always on the lookout for distracted drivers and traffic law violators in the hopes that people who we come in contact with change their driving habits to be much safer. We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your eyes on the road and obeying the traffic laws. Remember, being in too big of a hurry and having a lack of patience for traffic around you distracts you from other potential hazards as you travel. Speed limits and traffic control signs and devices are in place for the efficient and safe flow of traffic. Being distracted and impatient with other drivers significantly increases the risk of being involved in a crash. And that ultimately will delay you more that you planned.

Another thing that comes with spring and summer is road construction. Highway districts and construction companies often have a small window of opportunity to work on road projects that need repair or improvement. The goal in this is to make traffic flow safer and more efficient, and the companies and entities involved with these projects go to great lengths in signing and marking these construction zones.  This is not only for the safety of the motoring public, but the safety of the workers who have to keep one eye on their work and the other on those motorists. Consider that even though a construction area delays your travel time temporarily, the more drivers pay attention and obey the construction zone traffic devices to avoid an accident the quicker construction can progress to make the area better than it was before.

Paying attention to your driving in normal conditions and construction areas also comes with the reminder to utilize the safety equipment in your car. Always wear your seatbelts or a helmet on a motorcycle or bicycle, and always buckle your children in an appropriate car seat. These things are designed to work with air bag deployment and safety crush zones of vehicles and maximize your safety as well as the passengers who travel with you.

We hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer, and by paying attention, having patience, and wearing your seatbelts and safety equipment, you give yourself the best chance in avoiding anything that could disrupt it.